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Done with Boring? Get Outside with Scouting!

Looking for something your child can do during Covid and beyond – to grow and develop as a leader, self-motivated “doer” and community-minded thinker. Participating in Scouting has been a lifeline for kids during Covid. The youth have had fun with friends outside, safely, over the past year and continue to meet now. Come check out Boy Scout Troop 55!

Why Scouting?

It is amazing. Scouts develop confidence, leadership and planning skills, personal management tools and teamwork skills that will serve them for a lifetime. Beyond the practical skills acquired from planning and enjoying outdoor activities individually and as small groups, Scouts delve into their own interests and earn merit badges with adult guidance in up to 135 subject areas. Recently Troop 55 scouts have been learning about skiing, sailing, medicine, money management, digital
technology and world citizenship. In response to Covid and local needs, scouts have made masks for the Tompkins County Health Department, built an outdoor preschool space for young children, constructed YMCA archery targets, and helped a fire department restore a pavilion for community activities--all as community service projects.


If you want your child to develop as a well-rounded, thoughtful, civic-minded and engaged citizen there are few better avenues than Scouting and using the outdoors as a classroom for fun and personal growth. We welcome boys and girls from every walk of life, from every condition and from every family. We value all the skills they bring to our two scouting groups, Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA. We value you and all the members of your family as well and we want you to feel welcome. We have youth from nearly every school in the area - so your son or daughter is likely to know someone!


Please ask any question or bring us any concern so we can discuss it with you.

  • Cub Scouting are for boys and girls who are in grades 1-5. Cub Scouts are organized into "Packs' which are further divided into "Dens" by grade. You can find out more about Pack 55 from the Pack Committee Chair, Nelson Burdick, at

  • Scouts BSA is for boys who have finished Fifth Grade or who are 11 or older and less than 18. Boy Scout Troop 55 has several "patrols" of boys who are of different ages. Troop 55 meets at the Center on Tuesdays from 7pm to 8:30pm. You can find out more about Troop 55 from Kate MacKenzie at 607-227-1330 or Beth Silverberg at 607-220-9558 or on the Troop's public Facebook site:

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