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Ellis Hollow Community Center Facilities Usage

Terms and Conditions

Reservations for use of the Community Center Building

  1. The EHCC building and facilities will be available for the use of groups of up to 60 people. We will no longer be able to rent to large groups (>60 people) due to fire regulations.

  2. The person submitting the reservation will be present at the scheduled event and assumes responsibility for the function. This includes:

  • Behavior of all present at the function

  • Cleaning and garbage removal

  • Damages - a deposit of $100 is required prior to confirming reservation. This will be refunded if the facilities are left in the condition they were before the event. This deposit will be used to cover costs of cleanup and removal of all garbage resulting from the function, if the facilities are not left as they were. In addition, if outside services are contracted, the responsible party will be held liable and will be billed accordingly.

  • User Fee: $50 for groups of 40-60, $25 for groups of 20-39, $15 group of under 20 people

Reservations for use of the Ellis Hollow Pavilion

Any group wishing to use the EH grounds/pavilion during the summer is requested to reserve the field and/or pavilion via the form on our website. A security deposit will be collected as described for the use of the EHCC building. A donation will not be requested. We urge groups reserving the pavilion to post a “Reserved” sign on the pavilion. A booking calendar is listed online to help with date/facility availability (

Reservations for use of the field for Little League/Softball/Soccer practice

Any coach wishing to use the EH field as a place for their team to practice or for games must reserve the field with Treva Levine. This will eliminate confusion when multiple teams show up at the same time.


  1. Members of the EHCC will have access to the Center facilities and grounds on major holidays throughout the summer and fall months. The facilities and grounds will not be available for reservation on major holiday weekends, but will remain available for the use of Ellis Hollow residents. These weekends include: Memorial Day Weekend; Mother's/Father's Day; EHCC Chicken Barbecue; July 4th Weekend; Labor Day Weekend; EHCC Fair Weekend

  2. The center, its facilities and grounds will not be made available to any group, organization, person, or family comprised exclusively of non-EHCC members.

  3. Members of the EHCC will be allowed access to the grounds at all times. The playground and the tennis courts shall never be reserved for use. “Reserved” does not restrict EHCC members from using the general grounds.

  4. Pets are not allowed at group functions/events

  5. Alcoholic beverages are allowed, based on existing state laws, and a statement signed by the applicant will be required absolving the EHCC of any liability. The responsible party signing the reservation form will ensure that minors do not consume alcohol.

  6. No groups will be allowed to camp or use the grounds or building for any overnight parties.

  7. There is a viewable booking calendar on the website to check dates prior to booking (

  8. Pool reservations are not covered by this statement.

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